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The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity - Douglas Murray:  Brilliant analysis of the culture wars playing out in our workplaces, universities, schools and homes in the name of social justice and identity politics.
Sunday Times Best Seller
Righteous Indignation:  Excuse Me While I Save the World - Andrew Breitbart:  Early prophetic voice on media liberal bias.  Understand how and where it all began ...
Art of the Deal - Donald J Trump: Classic by 'America's best deal-maker', when he was less well known !
Rules for Radicals (1971) - Saul Alinsky:  Activist handbook for current Marxism; massive influence on US Left (Hilary Clinton college thesis on it); it teaches that 'any means are justified, by the end'. 
Understand the Leftists today, with 
commentary here explaining the 'school-yard bully' tactics encouraged by R for R
The Perilous State of the Universities - Jordan Peterson and Jonathan Haidt discuss current political intimidation on campus, its psychological roots, and solutions to fix the problem
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Yippy Search Engine - leave G**gle far behind - a politically balanced and private search engine - what's not to like !!!
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Gab - Alternative to Twitter, using open source to avoid control by Silicon Valley.
Also offer Dissenter secure browser
Parler - Alternative to Twitter, currently most popular social media platform amongst those concerned about free speech.  TEMPORARY BLOCK BY BIG TECH, BUT WILL BE BACK SOON !!!
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