Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy - Andy Ngo:  Fearless journalist Ngo suffered multiple physical attacks exposing Antifa at riots across the US
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Art of the Deal - Donald J Trump: Classic by 'America's best deal-maker', when he was less well known !
Rules for Radicals (1971) - Saul Alinsky:  Activist handbook for current Marxism; massive influence on US Left (Hilary Clinton college thesis on it); it teaches that 'any means are justified, by the end'. 
Understand the Leftists today, with 
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Uprising: The Awakening of Diamond & Silk - Truly remarkable tale of American success from humble beginnings
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US Elections, 3 Nov 2020
Different Views:
Conserv. view: Much fraud, due to mail-in ballot,  if the closest states went the other way => DJT won. (Ref: Gl, Navarro).

(73% Rep voters believe ‘widespread fraud in 2020 election’).


Dem.response: No serious fraud, claims are incorrect.(Ref: NYT,CNN)  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/election-us-2020-54808474   



System & Official Results:
50 states, plus Fed District Washingtn DC (not in a State), allocated electoral college members.

538 ECVots in total (100 senators, 435 representativs, +3 WDC votes)

Therefore 270 (>half) ECVotes to win Pres. Electoral College vote. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Congress

2020 closest states (Elect.Coll.Vote) (Rep./Dem.%) (Margin/Totl votes)


https://www.fec.gov/resources/cms-content/documents/2020presgeresults.pdf     https://www.archives.gov/electoral-college/2020

Arizona(11)   49.1 / 49.4.  (10,457 /3.39m) (0.3%)                           

Georgia(16)   49.2 / 49.2, (11,779  /5.00m) (0.2%)                              

Wisconsin(10)   48.8 / 49.5(10), (20,738 /3.28m) (0.6%)                          

Nevada(6)   48 / 50, (33,596 /1.39m) (2.4%)

Pennsylvnia(20) 48.8 / 50.0,(81,660 /6.92m) (1.3%)

Michigan(16)   47.8 / 50.6, (154,188 /5.51m) (2.8%) 

NorthCarolina(15)   49.9 / 48.6 (74,481 /5.49m) (1.4%)

[Florida(29)   51.2 / 47.9  (371,686  /11.04m)]

Elect.Coll Votes excluding 5 closest states: Biden:243, Trump:232.

Elect.Coll Votes if Trump takes 4 closest states (<34,000 margin):  Biden:263,  Trump:275.

Elect.Coll Votes if Trump takes 5 closest states (incl. PA): 

Biden:243, Trump:295.

Conclusion: Official results were very close - tiny margins key states



2020 early voting (early poll station + mail-in) was over 100/158m. 

Mail-in voting 66m in 2020, compared to 33m 2016, <30m 2012




Mail-in ballot demographics: Dem 58% : Rep 32%  https://www.pewresearch.org/politics/2020/11/20/the-voting-experience-in-2020/   

1,100+ Previous elections fraud convictions samples from Heritage Foundation https://www.heritage.org/voterfraud/#choose-a-state

100 legal cases (66 concluded, 7 wins for DJT) relating to 2020 elections.  Dismissals almost entirely on standing/time, not merits


The Fraud Challenge:

Navarro Report summarisg multiple irregularty claims (Sumry Tble):

Academic Studies ..
Talks .. 
PragerU Five Minute Videos - Key issues of our time boiled down
to five minutes by crystal clear speakers:
- What Is Identity Socialism?  Dinesh D'Souza
- Why Girls became Boys. Abigail Shrier
American Thought Leaders Video Channel - In depth talks on key issues of our time from The Epoch Times:
December 2019, Overview of Socialism - in the World, and the US today.  With Dinesh D'Souza

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