U.S. conservative news and views ... Links
Campaigning ... 📄
The Epoch Times  -  Conservative digital news platform (also Europe)
RealAmericasVoice -  Conservative digital news platform
Townhall.com  -  Conservative digital news platform
OANN  -  Conservative digital news platform
JustTheNews  -  Conservative digital news platform
PJ Media - Founded 2004 by journalists Johnson and Simon to challenge MSM with political commentary by citizen journalists.  Now owned by Salem Media Group
FoxNews - The premier conservative news outlet in the US, with celebrated presents such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, etc
Atlas Network - International think tank network to promote the cause of liberty and small government
NewsMax.com  -  Conservative digital news platform
Washington Times - Long-running conservative daily paper, started in 1982, before Fox News.  Started by Sun Yung Moon as counter-weight to communism
InfoWars  -  Conservative digital news platform
NTD News -  Mission: 'We believe the integrity of our world hinges on the accurate and truthful spread of information.'  Founded 2001.
RealAmericasVoice -  Conservative digital news platform
Breitbart US  -  Conservative digital news platform (also Europe)
WesternJournal -  Conservative digital news platform
The Federalist -  Conservative digital news platform
Revolver.com - Carefully curated links to key stories of the week, plus some exclusive content.  New version of 'The Drudge Report'.
ConservativeHub - News and education
The Thinking Conservative - 'Difference of opinion leads to inquiry, and inquiry to the truth' - Thomas Jefferson.    News, books, culture from a conservative angle.
100% Fed Up - 'Two moms who have had enough'.  Inspired by the late Andrew Breitbart
Washington Examiner - grew out of Washington suburban local papers.  Acquired by Philip Anschutz 2005, since become influential conservative source. 
US Other Media ...
Cable News Network - founded 1980, first 24 hour news broadcaster.  Journalism overtaken by anti-Trump activism in recent years.
National Broadcasting Company - founded 1926, oldest US broadcaster. Journalism overtaken by anti-Trump activism in recent years.
MSNBC - Started 1996, with conservative voice presenters.  Switched to left programming during 2000s.  Microsoft fully divested from company in 2005 and 2012.
EveryLegalVote.com -  Campaign to defeat fraud in 2020 election
HereistheEvidence.com - Mass of evidence submitted from around the US, of ballot fraud in 2020 election.
RightWire Report - Trenchant analysis and criticism from a conservative perspective, including 2020 election fraud Summary Portal
The Navarro Report - THE authoritative and comprehensive official collated report on 2020 election irregularities
ProjectVeritas - Investigative undercover reporting; front page news stories, suppressed by most media
Gab - Alternative to Twitter, using open source to avoid control by Silicon Valley.  Also offer Dissenter secure browser
Yippy Search Engine - leave G**gle far behind - a politically balanced and private search engine - what's not to like !!!
TV / Radio / Podcast ... 📢 
📺 RealAmericasVoice - Rolling news and analysis (TV)
📺 NTD News Live - 24 hr Rolling news: 'We believe the integrity of our world hinges on the accurate and truthful spread of information' (TV)
📺 NewsMaxTv - Rolling news, history, culture; huge viewer increase in US election due to reliable conservative angle (TV)
📺 Rudy's Common Sense - Get the inside track direct from the White House with Rudy Giuliani (Pod.)
📺 The War Room - Daily news and analysis with Steve Bannon, ex-Whitehouse adviser and media powerhouse (TV)
📺 Diamond & Silk - loveable and lively duo with informed analysis in unique style
📺 The Dan Bongino Show - Ex-police officer, secret service agent turned best selling author!  Straight-talking, forensic, high energy critic of 'liberal' failings (TV Pod)
📻 Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla - Light-hearted take on US politics with a humourous tone (Pod.)
📻 Fox - Hannity - Sean Hannity, one of the two highest ratings hosts on cable TV with forensic analysis of latest politics (Pod.)
📻 Fox Untold Story with Martha MacCallum - in depth interviews with newsmaker (Pod.)
📻 Blaze Radio - Conservative talk radio. Large circulation. Also subscription TV service available