U.S. Conservative News and  Views ... Links
The Epoch Times  -  'Fact based, unbiased, accurate news.  Truth and Tradition' (also Europe)
RealAmericasVoice - 24/7 news & entertainment reflecting audience values, not conglomerate-news spin 
Townhall.com  -  Founded 1995 as internet conservative hub, now over 100 writers and 100 partner organisations
OANN  -  'Your Nation, Your News', launched 2013
JustTheNews  -  Only journalists with record of public trust.  'Dig Deeper' section to verify facts and sources
PJ Media - Founded 2004 by journalists Johnson and Simon to challenge MSM with political commentary by citizen journalists.  Now owned by Salem Media Group

Fox News - The premier conservative news outlet in the US, with celebrated presenters such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, etc

Atlas Network - International think tank network to promote the cause of liberty and small government
NewsMax.com  -  'Independent. American'.  Founded 1998, News, Finance, Health & World sections
Washington Times - Long-running conservative daily paper, started in 1982, before Fox News.  Started by Sun Yung Moon as counter-weight to communism
InfoWars  -  Conservative digital news platform
The National Pulse - Hard hitting investigative news, latest scoops
BannonsWarRoom - News
aggregator page from key actor.  Get the key stories before anyone else.
100% Fed Up - 'Two moms who have had enough'.  Inspired by the late Andrew Breitbart
ConservativeHub - News and education
BabylonBee -  Have a laugh!  Some light relief.  News satire from a conservative perspective
NTD News -  Mission: 'We believe the integrity of our world hinges on the accurate and truthful spread of information.'  Founded 2001
Breitbart US  -  Powerhouse tabloid- style platform, set in motion 2007 by the late Andrew Breitbart, original crusader against media liberal bias
The Gateway Pundit - Founded2004, now in top 150 US news sites
WesternJournal -  'To nurture, develop and deploy top notch classically educated journalists of integrity'.  Quality articles all topics

Revolver.com - Carefully curated links to key stories of the week, plus some exclusive content.  New version of 'The Drudge Report'

Washington Examiner - grew out of Washington suburban local papers.  Acquired by Philip Anschutz 2005, since become influential conservative source
Conservative Magazines:
The Thinking Conservative - 'Difference of opinion leads to inquiry, and inquiry to the truth' - Thomas Jefferson.    News, books, culture from a conservative angle

Evie Magazine - Women's magazine which won't submit to Wokeism

The Federalist -  Conservative magazine on politics and culture. Excellent deeper level analysis

The American Conservative - Main Street Conservative politics & culture magazine

The Burkean - Analysis of today's news from perspective of philosopher Edmund Burke 'Father of Conservatism'

Campaigning ...  
HereistheEvidence.com - 
Mass of 2020 ballot fraud evidence. Now crowdfunding 
to maintain an  evidence archive Big Tech cannot delete.
Cons.Pol.Action.Conf. 2021 - Feb 25, Florida, get yr tickets here! Largest Conservative meet in the world - sign up 
The Precinct Project - take back the GOP!  Become a precinct committeeman here
LookAheadAmerica.org- high-level volunteer traing by ex-Trump staffers - join here
RescueCalifornia.org - winn-ing the push to recall Governor, and push back against Calif. Dem. policies
The Navarro Report -
Comprehensive official collated report on 2020 election irregularities
VoterIntegrityProject-Grassroots shining spotlight on broken voting system
RightWire Report - Trenchant analysis and criticism from a conservative perspective, including 2020 election fraud Summary Portal
ProjectVeritas - Investigative undercover reporting; front page news stories, suppressed by most media
Gab - Alternative to Twitter, using open source to avoid control by Silicon Valley. 
Also offer Dissenter browser
NumbersUSA.com - Campgn to reduce ILLEGAL immigrn
DuckDuckGo Search
Engine 'Search the web without being tracked'.  Stop G**gle tracking your data
TV / Radio / Podcast (Fwd '→' Bck'←' )
Culture in the Corner:
Comedy: Just a Minute Radio: "Talk for a minute on a subject, without deviatn, hesitation or repetition..."
Smooth Jazz 
Mellow Mix
Classic FM 
Relaxg classic
Poolside Chill 
Relaxg chillout
History:  History of Rome bite-size 
podcasts, with Mike Duncan.
Ep5- 'Trials and Tribulations'...
📻 Fox Newstalk Radio 
- Rolling news analysis:
📻WJFN Newstalk Radio -
Rolling talk, including (ET):
6-10 John Fredericks Show
10-12 Steve Bannon War Rm
12-1 Miranda Khan Am. Voice
1-3p RVA at the Mike
3-4p Sebastian Gorka
📻 77WABC Radio
- Rolling news talk:
Books:  PragerU Book Club 
In depth book chat with public
figures: Middlemarch, with Heather MacDonald
📻 Ben Shapiro Show - (latest) Daily incisive analysis, The Daily Wire
📺 RealAmericasVoice - Rolling news & analysis (TV)
📺NTD News Live - Rolling news & culture: 'We believe the integrity of our world hinges on the accurate and truthful spread of information'.  Set up by pro-freedom dissidents from CCP (TV)
📺NewsMaxTv - Rolling news, history, culture; huge viewer increase in US election due to reliable conservative angle (TV)
📺 Rudy's Common Sense (latest episode) - Get the inside track with Rudy Giuliani, ex-Whitehouse, and 'America's Mayor' (Pod.)
Radio / Podcast (Fwd '→' Bck'←' )
📻 Ben Shapiro Show - (latest) Daily incisive analysis, The Daily Wire
00:00 / 01:04
📻 Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla (latest episode, no  ads) - Daily light-hearted take on US politics with a humourous tone (Rad.)
📻 Sean Hannity - (latest) Daily take from Fox heavy hitter
00:00 / 01:04
📻 Fox and Friends with Brian Kilmeade (latest episode, no ads) - Daily news analysis with Brian Kilmeade and guests (Rad.)
📻 Fox The Untold Story with Martha MacCallum (latest episode, no  ads) - Weekly in depth interviews with key newsmakers of the week (Rad.)
📻 Fox The One with Greg Gutfeld (latest episode, no ads) - Weekly lively chat with Gutfeld and guests
📻 ConservativeStream - ALL the top conservative shows available in one place.  Both live streams and the latest podcasts
Cable News Network - founded 1980, first 24 hour news broadcaster.  Journalism overtaken by anti-Trump activism in recent years.
National Broadcasting Company - founded 1926, oldest US broadcaster. Journalism overtaken by anti-Trump activism in recent years.
MSNBC - Started 1996, with conservative voice presenters.  Switched to left programming during 2000s.  Microsoft fully divested from company in 2005 and 2012.
RealClearPolitics - A website attempting to put both points of view.  Streaming feed of headlines from both extremes.  Bracing reading!

drudge report    drudgereport.com

Other news and views ... Links
📺 The War Room (latest, no ads) - Daily news and analysis with Steve Bannon, ex-Whitehouse advisr and media powerhouse (TV)
📺 Absolute Proof - Sensational election fraud doc. by 'My Pillow' CEO Mike Lindell. Desperate bans by MSM. Make your own mind up!
📻 Fox - Hannity - Sean Hannity, one of the two highest ratings hosts on cable TV with forensic analysis of latest politics (Pod.)
📺 The Dan Bongino Show - Ex-police officer, secret service agent turned best selling author!  Straight-talking, forensic, high energy critic of 'liberal' failings
📺 Diamond & Silk - loveable and lively duo with informed analysis in unique style
📺 Huckabee - Weekend chat show.  Great guests, music and chat with Mike Huckabee.  Live from Nashville by TBN
📺Black Conservative Patriot (latest episode) - Prolific rolling political news analesis; morning & evening episode